The bride and her girlfriends take over the bar of the Forbes of Kingenny near Dundee Scotland

Awarded The Most Prestigious Photograph of 2019

2017 was an important year for me as I became a qualified Master Photographer. While my main focus has and always will be to ensure the satisfaction of my clients, being accepted among the best photographers, the industry has to offer is one of my proudest achievement as a photographer. Qualifying as a Master Photographer means goes beyond just producing beautiful imagery; it is about consistency and upholding the highest professional standards. In return, I have been able to learn from my peers and grow my craft, my photography.

Each year, the Scottish chapter of the Master Photographers Association organises the MPA Awards to recognise the best photographers of the year. It is an interesting experience for a photographer to go through, and in all honesty, it is also quite daunting. No artist fancies the idea of getting his/her own work criticised. However, listening to my peers, I decided to participate and submitted eight photographs. Little did I know then that a month later, four of them would make the final and one would even be winning the award of The Most Prestigious Photograph of 2019.

The four photographs that did not qualify for the final

While these photographs were not selected by the jury for the final, I am still very proud and honoured to have crafted them. When judging a photograph, the panel is not aware of the story behind it, its meaningfulness to my clients. It is okay, so are the rules of the game, but as far as I am concerned, my role is to tell the unique story of my clients in compelling imagery.

The three photographs that made the final

The photograph that won the award of The Most Prestigious Photograph of 2019

Winning an award is always great for the artist’s ego, but this one is much more than that. It was voted by a jury composed of fellow Master Photographers, some of the best professional photographers in the country. The cherry on the cake is also the fact that all these photographs were imagined and produced on the spot, during a real wedding. It is the result of the excellent working relationship I am proud to cultivate with every client of mind. Therefore I’d like to give a big sincere thank-you to all my brides and grooms that entrust me to document their wedding artistically.

The bride and her girlfriends take over the bar of the Forbes of Kingenny near Dundee Scotland