The couple is kissing on a street of edinburgh

Engagement Photography on a rainy evening in Edinburgh

This was the first time Leah, Andrew and I got to see each other face to face since we first met a year ago. We were all pretty excited at creating some romantic photos before their wedding at Dryburgh Abbey. For their engagement photo-shoot, we agreed to do it in Edinburgh where Leah had studied. Some may think it rains every day in Scotland but it is not true! On that particular Friday evening, the temperature was fairly high around 19 degrees. However, the rain was quite intense. I am not sure whether this had anything to do with Stereophonics playing on the castle square. That being said, Leah and Andrew were very open-minded and not bothered by getting a little bit wet. Consequently, the three of us ended up being fully drenched after the first 20 min.