Iona and her big brother Rory at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

young boy and girl seating gon a big tree branch in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden

young boy and girl seating on a big tree branch in the Edinburgh Botanic Garden

After the session with the beautiful little Skye at the Lauriston Castle, this time I had another little girl named after a Scottish Isle: Iona. To the Gaels, Iona is I Chaluim Chille – the Isle of Colm Cille, an Irish priest and prince who was to become revered as Saint Columba. An island of typically Hebridean beauty, it holds a unique place in the story of Scotland and Christianity. She was accompanied by her big brother Rory.

About the shoot, it took place at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, and I must admit loving the place although it had been quite a while since my last visit. The day was gorgeous and maybe too much somehow, as there was no Scottish cloud and the light, even at 10:30 am was very hard (ref. Soft Light vs. Hard Light). The good news is the garden has some splendid trees which act as great light natural diffusers.

Family portraiture is never the same, and that is undeniably what I like about it. You never know how the shoot is going to turn out. For many of my first-time clients, they have never experienced a professional shoot before some may feel some anxiety, some awkwardness to be themselves in from of my lens and that is without mentioning the children. They are the heroes of my shoots. They are the ones who create the spirit of the day/shoot, and while there is no guaranty they will be in a happy mood and smiley throughout, I do not mind it as this is also what life is about: one second you’re shy, the next you laugh, and then you cry. As a photographer, I make my mission to capture who they are even in those moments where, we as parents, would not think of pulling the camera from the holster and take the shot. However, I love doing it, and that is how one ends up with this rather compelling photograph, wouldn’t you agree?

young boy in cries

Young boy in cries

Special thanks to Caro, the grand-mother who was a fabulous jester during the shoot and help to reveal some amazing expressions from the two adorable wee heroes.

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