A Scottish capital, a hot evening, some heavy rain and a lot of Love: Another perfect recipe! (for a pre-wedding photoshoot)

Last month I shared with you the perfect recipe for a Scottish wedding so it is only fair that today I share with you the perfect recipe for a wet Scottish pre-wedding session.

With all the weddings I have the honor to take, I always arrange a pre-wedding session with my bride and groom for the following two main reasons:

  1. Being in front of a camera is not a natural state and can be quite daunting especially for the groom so this is a great opportunity to practice and be comfortable.
  2. For me to get to know my clients, their boundaries (if any) and build a rapport with them.

The pre-wedding session is not an engagement shoot like it is very popular in the USA. The goal is more to get to know each other and reach a certain level of camaraderie and trust rather and getting amazing photographs. However, my ego is such that I always strive to capture some amazing and unique shots… And last Friday was no different!

This was the first time Leah, Andrew and I got to see each other face to face since we first met a year ago. Therefore some apprehension was to be expected. However, as with most of my weddings, Leah had chosen the VIP treatment which entitles her to have a full wedding makeup and hair trial with my professional makeup artist, Karen. So before I met with Leah and Andrew for our session, Leah had her session with Karen. This is a very important step in the experience we offer to our brides as it reassures them about their appearance for their wedding and also gets them to look amazing for the pre-wedding session (when taking place on the same day).

While you may be thinking that it rains every day in Scotland it is not true! That being said, we knew that on that Friday evening, the temperature would be high (19 degrees) and the rain quite intense ( I am not sure whether this had anything to do with Stereophonics playing on the castle square).

Leah and Andrew were both beautiful people and so open minded that they let me conduct a wet photo-shoot. Suffice to say, the three of us ended up being fully drenched after the first 15min.

Was it worth it? I let you judge of that with a few shots taken during that session.

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Technical facts:

These shots were made using:

  • Canon 5DIII
  • Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L USM II
  • Flash Yongnuo YN568EX II
  • FlashBender XL from Rogue
The groom to be is posing in the Holyrood parc in Edinburgh for his Pre-wedding photoshoot

The groom to be is posing in the Holyrood parc in Edinburgh for his Pre-wedding photoshoot

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