My first photo shoot at Lauriston Castle (with little Murray)

Photo of a young boy at Lauriston castle near Edinburgh

Photo of a young boy at Lauriston Castle near Edinburgh

This was the strangest day in a long time.

First of all, the forecast had indicated some heavy rains, and at the last minute, I was about to cancel if it weren’t for Murray’s mum feeling rather confident the rain would not hit us. But as soon as I stepped into my car, the storm followed me all along the 25km of the Edinburgh bypass, literally up to a single mile away from Lauriston Castle where everything was dry.

The challenge with this shoot was, Richard, the dad, was to leave in 10 min, so that is all we had to capture the family in some rather posed shots which I normally do at the end of my session, once everyone feels comfortable before the camera, and the children have accepted my presence. Well, we succeeded thanks to the amazing location that Lauriston Castle is and the tickles given to one another.

The second strange thing was that the Edinburgh Photographers Facebook group had organised a workshop that day on the premises and as the family and I made our way to the beautiful Japanese garden, some photographers recognised me from the Tom Migot Photography Youtube channel. This was the first time this was happening to me in Edinburgh, and I went to catch up with them after the shoot.

Finally the last strangest thing was later on that day when I discovered how interesting the game of Croquet is. I must admit I was a bit giggling at first, but once I had talked with some of the players, it turned out to be a very interesting sport I wish to give it a go one day.

Overall, this was a very good day as I spent a great time with a family, met with some fellow photographers, discovered a gorgeous castle and an under appreciated sport. This is also what photography is about: discovering interesting people and places.

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