New addition to the Portrait Gallery

Here is a new portrait I captured of Megan during the recording of a video for the Tom Migot Photography Youtube Channel on how to use a Flash Meter to mesure the light

portrait of the young scottish model megan showing her shoulder

portrait of the young Scottish model Megan showing her shoulder

The setup cannot be any simpler

lighting setup

lighting setup


Camera: 5DIII

Lens: 70-200mm F4 L

Exposure: 93mm, F5, ISO100, 1/200sec

The two flashes:

  • 1 speedlight inside the 50″x50″ softbox, set to produce a 1/4 power with zoom at 35mm.
  • 1 speedlight with zoom at 105mm + snoot which narrows the beam of light to ensure not all her back is lit.

Both were set in manual mode and the exposure of their incident light was roughly equivalent.

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