Same Day Slideshow : The Most Emotional Entertainment for your Wedding

What is the Same Day Slideshow?

As the name implies, it is a musical slideshow that is produced and presented on the day of the wedding, using some of the photographs captured during the day.

Why should you get the Same Day Slideshow?

There are numerous reasons why you should get the Same Day Slideshow:

  • Most wedding will have day guests and evening guests. The Same Day Slideshow enables you to show your evening guests what they missed earlier in the day.
  • It gives the bride and her groom an insight on what happened during the morning preparations on either side.
  • A wedding day is a rollercoaster of emotions and by the time the cake is cut and the first dance took place, the emotions have settled down. The Same Day Slideshow is the last chance to revive all those emotions, condensed in five minutes. Warning: it usually results in uncontrollable tears and laughs.  

When is it shown?

I usually produce the slideshow after the evening buffet is served. In the context of a wedding taking place in the UK, the guests and the bridal party gather around 8p.m. in the ballroom where the bride and groom will cut the cake. This is followed by the first dance after which I head to a quiet room in the venue to produce the slideshow. Depending on the size of the wedding and how many photographs were captured earlier, it would take about 1h-1h30. This usually coincides with the end of the evening buffet (which is usually served around 9p.m. 9:30p.m. and clear by 10p.m.). I then place a few chairs around my projector for the bridal party and invite everyone to gather around for the 5 min presentation.

An example of the Same Day Slideshow recently produced and presented

Why are the photographs in black & white?

While the final photographs will most likely be in colour, I voluntarily decided to make the slideshow monochromatic to reduce the production time and ensure the best rendition by the projector. We have all seen how colours can be poorly rendered on white screen compared to an illuminated display. Also, don’t you agree that black and white photographs have a timeless effect?

Added bonus

Since I bring my own projector & screen for the Same Day Slideshow, we use this opportunity to present the Engagement Photos we had crafted with the bride and groom months earlier. This is shown in a loop during the wedding breakfast (this is how the wedding dinner is called in the UK).

Seeing the slideshow of some of the wedding day's photos in the evening really added to the whole experience. It gave us a preview of the final product of Tom's work, and was accompanied by many “Awww”s and “Wowww”s from all of our friends and family. While we’re waiting to receive the edited photos, everything we saw in the slideshow really solidified our faith in Tom’s photography, and we can’t thank him enough for how good he’s been with us.