There is no age to be two teenagers in Love

Fun couple portrait in Holyrood park in Edinburgh scotland

Fun couple portrait in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh Scotland

It was a sunny Saturday in the middle of a Scottish winter.

Yvonne had commissioned me to capture her and her loving husband wandering in the city of Edinburgh she has known her whole life without taking enough time to appreciate its unique beauty.

I love this type of mission, but it is more challenging than one may think. First, we got lucky that the date we had initially agreed on turned out to be a beautiful one. It was cold though with around 5 degrees Celsius only. Thankfully I had planned an itinerary of about 2 hours, so this helped us keeping warm. To spice up the 2-hour shoot I had come prepared with a few balloons. However, there was one thing I had not thought about. The wind does not blow vertically as illustrated in the above photograph. Nonetheless, it was still a good fun accessory.

The challenging part of such outdoor shoot especially when one wants to capture environmental portraits is that it requires combining the portrait technique with landscape photography. The most difficult task is to get a correct exposure without getting blown up sky. When only focussing on the portrait, it is fairly easy to simply find some open shade area and get an even light. But if you are also trying to capture the landscape you might not have much say over where the shades are. However, that is where the planning is important. I had chosen the time of day and the itinerary, so I knew roughly which frame I could take given the sun’s location. This is how I could take the shot above without an overexposed sky.

As we walk up the Royal Mile, we found some shade with character. There is no age to be two teenagers in love:

Fun couple portrait on the royal mile in Edinburgh scotland

Canon 5DIII 24-105 L, 1/160, f4.5, ISO 1600

By starting our walkabout photo shoot at 2 pm, I knew that by the time we get to the Grassmarket we would get some lovely early sunset light. It compliments the complicity of the two love birds don’t you think?

Fun couple portrait in grass market in edinburgh scotland

Canon 5DIII 24-105 L, 1/160, f5.6, ISO 1000

Finally, it was time to capture our final scene with the unmissable Edinburgh Castle, and I knew exactly the right spot for that. Truth be told, I had discovered that spot while scouting the city as I often do, in the quest for new gems. This is undeniably one of them. This photo exists in colour but to give some variety in this article I have decided to share the B&W version. While it does not give much credit to the blue sky and the warm light bouncing on the stone wall, I’d like to think this version give a timeless aspect to the capture.

Fun couple portrait in grass market in edinburgh scotland

Canon 5DIII 24-105 L, 1/160, f5.6, ISO 1000

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