They Chose Home to Say I Do

For many, a wedding implies a Scottish castle, a fancy spa hotel or even a country park as the venue for the big day. However, for the past few years I have noticed a trend where bride and grooms-to-be chose to say “I Do”  from the comfort of the family home. While this choice might sometimes be driven by a desire to keep the budget under control, it only takes one to attend and witness the day to appreciate the great benefits. 

Be in Control and Slow Down Time

The most obvious advantage to organise your wedding at home is the amount of control one has over everything.

The decor

Who does not like a stylish hotel with the pleasure to be looked after? However, many hotels and venues have their own decoration policy and you might be surprised to learn how little one can change or add to the existing embellishment. Whereas at home, you are the sole master.

The food

This one may surprise you but when you pick a venue, food is rarely the number one decision breaker. And yet this is an important detail since food adds conviviality. Unless you chose a private castle or another venue that does not already include a restaurant, you are bound to go with the culinary skill of the house chef. Whereas at home, you can hire any caterer of your choosing whether it is a simple pork roast in the garden or a fancy 4-course gastronomic meal.

The timing

They say timing is everything but it should not make your big day a tyranny. They are a few key moments in a wedding that usually dictate the schedule: the ceremony, the dinner and the evening guests’ arrival.

However, I have often witnessed venues dictating unreasonable early dining time just so they can wrap things faster. A wedding day is a special day where people ought to enjoy themselves in peace. Carpe Diem – Seize the moment. It saddens me when I hear the venue impose the breakfast to be served only 1h after the ceremony ended. From a photographer stand point, I like to give some time to my bride and groom to mingle with their guests and enjoy the excitement. Then I like to take them away for about 1h to capture the couple’s formals. Finally, depending on the season and whether there is an empty time slot between the meal and the party, I like to do the different group photos. 

Having a wedding at home means you own your schedule.

FInal thoughts

After all the weddings I have covered over the years, the most relaxed, chilled out have been those that took place at someone’s house. I think venues are like clothes. They make us feel a certain way and that is absolutely fine. As long as the feeling matches your expectations and personalities. But as one said, there is no place like home.