The bride and groom in St Andrews arches

Wedding Photography at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews

There are always three characters in a wedding story: The couple, their loved ones and of course, the venue. With regards to Helen and Ric’s wedding, the venue was a significant character. Some may find romance in a Scottish Castle, the ruins of an old Abbey, others in a boutique hotel in the city. But for Helen and Ric it had to be something more personal like The Byre Theatre in St Andrews. How personal? As personal as a building can be for one of the architects who conceived it.

The bride and groom

The idea to document a wedding story in a theatre is quite unusual and therefore appealing. However, I grew fond of Helen and Ric so much that I would have agreed to go wherever. They are so adorable. She is the sweetest bride a photographer can only hope to meet. As for him, while some may speculate on his age, his name and his Scottish origin [private joke], I only know he has a big heart and a whimsical mind. Witnessing these two lovebirds being together is inspiring.

The loved-ones

With such lead characters, it was to be expected there would be a lot of loved-ones attending their special day. Colleagues, schoolmates, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. They all came to celebrate this wonderful day.

The wedding story

The day started for me at 8 am in a town centre apartment where Helen and her three daughters were getting pampered. Meanwhile, Ric, being the perfectionist he is, was taking care of the final touches at the theatre until the very last minutes before the ceremony. It was a sunny & emotional day and ended around 1 am on Sunday.

The details of that story belong to those who lived it and I am honoured to have been part of it. Below is a very small selection of wedding photographs captured on that day. If you are planning to get married at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, don’t forget to get in touch!