Some table decoration crafted by the bride

Wedding Photography at Dryburgh Abbey & Norton House in Ingliston

First the engagement

This wedding story started many months ago when Isabelle and Rich had their engagement photo-shoot on the Scottish hills near Stirling. We had decided to do it there because they both share a passion for hiking.

The loved-ones

Isabelle and Rich had chosen to have an intimate wedding. Since Isabelle is Belgian and Rich from Stock-upon-Trent, their family and friends came from far away to witness this sacred union. The wedding ceremony was celebrated at the beautiful Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders. However, the morning preparation and afternoon reception took place at the Norton House in Ingliston near Edinburgh.

The venues

The Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish borders is one of my favourite wedding venues. There is something special about it, and not just the fact this is Sir William Scott’s resting place. This secluded place is filled with old stones shadowed by tall exotic trees offering such great photographic potential. I had the chance to document many beautiful weddings there. For instance, the time a Russian princess got married in the snowfall. Or the other time when a Scottish bride married an English groom.

The Norton House in Ingliston is a practical venue with the Edinburgh airport just a few miles away. It is also a spa complex with a big garden and a spectacular staircase inside the lobby. I could not help but utilise it for one of the formals.

The details

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From the secret carvings inside their wedding rings to the homemade chair covers, they had paid considerable attention to details, and each revealed something about the bride and her groom’s personalities.

Without further ado, here are a few photographs of the day where a Belgian bride said Yes to an English man. If you are planning to get married at the Norton House in Ingliston, don’t forget to get in touch!