The bride and groom on a deck at the Forbes of Kingennie

Wedding Photography at the Forbes of Kingennie near Dundee

When I first met Céline and Alex, their told me about their wedding plan. It was all about gathering their loved ones not only from Scotland but also from their birth countries, France and Portugal. I was enchanted. Then they revealed the venue they had picked up: The Forbes of Kingennie outside Dundee. This place really has an intimate and natural feel. Its lakes, boathouse and maze, all triggered my imagination. Suffice to say I was so much looking forward to the wedding.

In the meantime, we had an engagement photo-shoot at Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve. Then the day came and so did the sun. It was a hot summer day, worthy of French or Portuguese weather. People had travelled thousands of miles to attend, and the spirit was high.

Below are only a few of the photographs I had the honour and pleasure to make for those two lovebirds. If you are planning to get married at the Forbes of Kingennie, don’t forget to get in touch!