Artistic portrait of a bride and groom in a barn

Wedding Photography at Pratis Farm near Leven

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Scotland is one of the top destinations for a wedding. That is not surprising as there is something for everyone. From an old Abbey in the Scottish borders to a big church in a small town in East Lothian or even a traditional Scottish family house. But when Stacey and Kevin approached me two years ago in Dundee to discuss their wedding plan and mentioned the venue was going to be a farm, I was very excited. Why? Because different is great! I cherish uniqueness. It is the key to ensure a wedding is even more memorable and truly represents who the couple is.

I did not know Pratis Farm near Leven. However, when I first visited this unusual wedding venue, the rustic atmosphere was overwhelming. Especially under the summer light of the Kingdom of Fife. The traditional tie-the-knot ceremony fitted very well with the countryside vibe of the day. Family and friends travelled from as far as Thailand to witness this union. Below are only a few of the photographs I had the honour and the immense pleasure to capture. If you are planning to get married at Pratis Farm or at any other venue with some character, get in touch!