Bride an groom kissing under snowflakes

Wedding Photography of a Russian princess at Dryburgh Abbey

Uniqueness makes a great wedding

There are many reasons why I love weddings. From the gathering of people ready to have a good time to the ceremonial aspect of the day, and all fuelled up with emotions. However, as a professional wedding photographer, what I am truly looking for is the uniqueness of the characters ( people & location ). Tatiana and Engilberto’s wedding was undoubtedly unique. It is not often we have a beautiful Russian lady and a Panamanian groom celebrating their union at the Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Their wedding was very intimate with only a few friends and the closest family members. I loved every moment of the day. Most of it took place at the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel. It is a lovely venue adjacent to the abbey. One of my two favourite features of the hotel is the bridal suite which has a great window bay letting so much light in the room. The other great thing about this venue is the twisting staircase. I have had the pleasure to document other weddings at that location and each time it has been a blast.

Tatiana has ordered some mushroom soup for my makeup artist and me in the morning. There was a classical quartet that played during the ceremony and dinner. Do you know the diner is also called the breakfast since it is the first meal of the newlyweds? I literally cried when Tatiana sang at the reception.

Dryburgh Abbey

We had planned to create some photos in the abbey but things were running late and the winter darkness came quickly. Furthermore, it was drizzling and cold. We sent the guests back to the hotel and decided to create some artistic photography in the rain. What made that day even more magical was the unexpected first snowfall of the year. It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to capture some dramatic photography. If you are planning to get married at the Dryburgh Abbey, don’t forget to get in touch!