The bride and groom in the streets of South Queensferry

Wedding Photography in South Queensferry

Intimate wedding

Dhana & Ashwath’s wedding was undeniably the most intimate one I have ever had the honour to photograph. She lived in Edinburgh Scotland while he was already settled in Seattle USA but they knew each other from India. They had decided not to do a traditional Indian wedding. Instead, they celebrated their union in South Queensferry with just a few friends. A few days before, we had their engagement photo-shoot in the streets of Edinburgh.

A wedding by the Firth of Forth

The day started in the Morning Side district of Edinburgh, where Dhana resided. It was a big classical townhouse with high ceilings and big windows. The light on that Spring morning was beautiful. Given the intimacy of their wedding, we had decided to capture a first look of the bride and groom in the back garden. It was so much fun as we blindfolded the couple before the big revealing. Afterwards, we all drove to South Queensferry for the ceremony. South Queensferry is a charming little town on the shore of the Firth of Forth. I particularly like the cobbled streets and the old fashion lamposts. The sun high in the sky by then and the Forth Rail bridge was our backdrop. Below are some of the resulting wedding photographs. If you are planning to get married in South Queensferry, don’t forget to get in touch!