The wedding group photo

Wedding Photography at St Mary Parish church in Haddington

Location location location

Choosing the right wedding venue is critical. Here, it could not have gotten any better for Julie and George. Because they had picked St Mary’s Parish church in Haddington. Above all, this church is worthy of celebrating royal weddings with its cathedral appearance and its very clever lighting above the altar. Consequently, the bride and groom are perfectly lit. The church is located on the river banks. Thus providing beautiful scenery when observed from one of the bridges. Hence, I had decided to capture the group shot from one of them.

The group photo

Wedding group shots are very important but can become somewhat tedious and boring for the guests. Hence I always try to come up with something unique. In this case, I suggested Julie and George we do a red heart-shaped balloon launch on the river banks with the church in the background. They loved the idea.

We seised the one hour break the Maitlandfield hotel staff needed to transform the reception room into a dancefloor, to capture this group shot. I must admit that I favour late-in-the-day group shots as it often means the bridal party and the guests had a few drinks and are in a party mood. Subsequently, such a context tends to give the best cheerful reaction in photographs.

Here are some of the photographs I had the pleasure to create that day. If you are planning to get married St Mary’s Parish church in Haddington, don’t forget to get in touch!