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Frequently Asked Questions on Wedding Photography

As your professional wedding photographer, I know what to expect from a wedding. But for you it might be your first and planning the wedding of your dream takes times, determination and love. So let me share some love and help you by answering some questions you might have about my wedding photography service.

Style & Expertise

I opened my business in Scotland in 2013 but combined with my previous experience abroad, I’ve been a photographer for over 15 years.

I’ve had the honour to document close to 150 weddings. I choose not to do more than 12 weddings a year since I also teach photography in seminars and workshops internationally. I’ve had the chance to photograph all sort of weddings. From the most intimate with only 15 guests to the biggest with over 150. I adapt to your wedding, not the other way around.

My photographs will do a better job of describing my style than my words. My style is a combination of traditional and documentary while always being creative. I believe in securing your memory of your wedding while seizing that unique opportunity (beautifully dressed, great venue and surrounded by your loved ones) to capture timeless storytelling and compelling imagery for generations to cherish.

My work is refined and highly creative. Each photograph I craft is unique, individually developed and is aimed at being hung on your wall or enjoyed in your wedding album ( included in all my collections). I can only produce amazing photographs if you are relaxed and stress-free. Hence I am here to assist you with your wedding ( its planning and on the day)  to ensure everything runs as smoothly as you desire it.

I only use the very best professional cameras and lenses on today’s market. I use 2 digital camera bodies with a collection of lenses.

Both. I like shooting black and white when the environment is too colourful and under-powers the subject (you). It can also be used in very sunny situations. But the majority of my work is in colour. At the end the day, much of my photo editing style will be based on what we have discussed previously, on the mood board we would have created and my perception on the wedding day.

As the name implies, it is a musical slideshow that is produced and presented on the day of the wedding, using some of the photographs captured during the day. You can find more details about it here.

Your Wedding

Besides the usual such as the timeline and logistics, the most important thing to me is getting to know you and your partner. Hence I include a free pre-wedding consultation and a photo exercise session so we can get to know each other better and ensure you both feel comfortable with me and equipment. By the time the wedding day comes, we will be friends. After all, I am the person you’ll be spending most of the time with on your special day. We need to trust each other fully to get the best fun experience and resulting photographs.

Absolutely. This is part of your pre-wedding consultation (included in all my wedding collections).

When you hire me, you hire my expertise, my vision, my craft. Hence I am the only photographer at your wedding. However, depending on the wedding, I do bring an assistant along to help me with my equipment.

I am not just a passionate photographer. I am a professionally qualified photographer and risk management is part of my expertise. I have multiple camera bodies and lenses with me at all times and your photographs are stored and backed up onto different cards throughout the day.

Given the responsibilities I have in documenting your wedding, I also manage my workload and my life to limit the risk that could incapacitate me to fulfil my duties. In over 15 years I have never missed a wedding. It is also worth noting I am a qualified Master Photographer. This means I am a member of the most prestigious and biggest organisation of professional photographers in the UK. Should anything prevent me from documenting your wedding, I have access to a large network of Master Photographers who I could reach out to.

Absolutely not. Not even the day after.

I/we follow the dress code of your guests. Usually formal (black suit and tie) but I have been more casual for destination weddings taking place on a beach abroad.

I usually arrive early in the morning at the same time as the makeup and hairdresser (if not earlier even, sometimes). This is to make sure I can get them to occupy the best spot in the room from a light perspective and take my time photographing the details (dress, shoes and other accessories). I offer a full day coverage so I can document the whole magic of your wedding day.

Yes, as long as they know I am the hired professional photographer here and my shots take priority. The last thing you want is for one of your guests to jump in front of my lens during key moments such as your first kiss. Also worth noting that the burst from your guests’ camera flashes may jeopardise the quality of my photos. Do you know that many of my weddings lately have been “unplugged”? This new trend also ensures the bride and the whole wedding (as seen through mobile phones) do not end up on social media before the end of the day.

As a creative photographer, I always strive to craft something unique. Therefore I’d rather document a wedding in a new location than one I’ve worked before.

In any case, my approach remains the same:

  • I scout the venue(s) as soon as your wedding photography contract is signed. This kickstarts my creative process months or years in advance of your wedding day.
  • I revisit the venue(s) at least one more time within the week of your wedding to check if anything has changed (unexpected scaffoldings, route diversion…)

While there are so many unexpected things that happen on the wedding day (that’s great as it makes it even more unique), I like to pre-visualise the development of your wedding. For instance, knowing where the sun will be for the formals and groups shots.

I am fully insured with a £2M public and product liability worldwide.

Your Wedding Photography Contract

Simply put: As soon as possible. You have found the venue of your dream, the perfect date then it is time to book me. Every month it saddens me to tell a bride I cannot document her very special day because I’m already booked. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to get in touch with me even if your date is not secured yet.

Right after we meet in person (be it in video call if we reside too far appart), you will receive an online proposal which you can amend to your wishes. Once you have submitted your preferences, the contract is automatically drafted and ready for you to read and sign.

A deposit of 1/3 of the total invoiced amount at the time of the booking is required to book my services. The final payment is due by 2 weeks before your wedding day.

The payment process is integrated with the online contracting process. You can use your payment method of choices such as Paypal or your credit/debit card.

I have 3 wedding collections and here are some of their goodies :

  • A pre-wedding consultation + a small photo-shoot exercise – to get acquainted not just with me but with my friendly camera as well
  • A full-day wedding – from you getting ready to beyond first dances
  • A private online gallery where you and your guests can view and order prints directly
  • A beautifully handcrafted award-winner album for you and downscaled duplicates for your loved ones
  • A fine designed USB in its box containing a slideshow and the digital copies of your photographs

A wedding day is an intense experience, and I’m your wedding photographer for a full day. To be at my best creatively, I need my beauty sleep. Hence my wedding collections include travel fees up to 2 hours drive from Edinburgh. Beyond that, I require some accommodation.

My wedding collections are designed in such a way you can customise them to fulfil your dreams.

While an engagement photo-shoot is included in my top wedding collection it can also be added as an option for the other two.

The digital copies are in all my wedding collections.

The digital copies are in 2 of my wedding collections but can also be acquired as an option for the other one.

Each photograph or your wedding will be individually retouched and colour adjusted professionally by me. I am a qualified Adobe Photoshop Expert.

All my wedding collections include a beautifully handcrafted award winner photo album. It is the centrepiece of my wedding photography service. I design your album myself based on the photographs you have selected from your private online gallery. My wedding albums are lay flat (no gutter) with thick pages (about 2mm) and highly customisable. I can also include in it any personal notes you’d wish to have (such as your vows) or design (such as from your stationary).

From a contractual standpoint, you can both share the images on social media and print them by yourself. The real question though is should you print your own wedding photos? Once you have seen how my wedding photographs are professionally printed you will understand how impossible it is to obtain the same quality from the high street or online stores. Don’t you want the best for your professionally crafted wedding photographs?

You and your loved ones can order prints from within your private online gallery.

Your photographs will be available within 2 months after the wedding day. Your prints are usually delivered within 7 days after placing the order. Your wedding album takes a few weeks to be produced and delivered.

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