Photography Courses Gallery

Click the thumbnails above to enlarge the landscape photographs. These were captured during my photography courses over the years. While most of them were made in Scotland (Scottish Borders, Isle of Skye, the Scottish Highlands, Perth & Kinross, Dumfries & Galloway, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, East Lothian, Argyll & Bute…) a couple were from Northumberland, the northernmost county of England.

You may have some logistic questions about planning for your photography course so I have put together these FAQs below.

Frequent Asked Questions

Where does the Photography Expedition start from?

The start is usually Edinburgh, the Scottish capital city.

How can I get to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh International Airport has several flights each day to and from the biggest cities worldwide (also served by low-cost companies like Easyjet, Flybe, and RyanAir). The train is a very practical option (5h from London). The car is also doable from anywhere in the UK and the continent (about 9h from Folkstone).

Do I need to plan for a mean of transport or does Tom Migot Photography take care of everything?

I am not a travel organisation nor able to drive a bus. We can use my own car ( 3 people maximum +me) for a £10 daily charge and the cost of refueling.

Does Tom Migot Photography provide the meals?

To keep the cost of the photography course down, I do not provide the meals or the accommodation.

What sleeping arrangement options are available?

Depending on the season and the location: hotel, hostel, and camping (even wild camping which is quite popular in Scotland). I can assist you with your bookings. When the stop for the night is not Edinburgh, the student is to cover my accommodation cost (meals excluded) in the same establishment as the student.

Should I buy an insurance?

Tom Migot Photography cannot be held responsible for your gear or your health. The photography workshop contract is between responsible adults. Scotland is part of the Europe Union (still), and therefore I encourage all European citizen to get the European Health card which facilitates the access and expense of medical treatment. I do encourage all non-UK residents to purchase a travel insurance.

What photography equipment do I need, with me, to fully take advantage of the Expedition?

To guarantee a great learning experience, I strongly advise you to have at least a digital camera that enables you to manually set an exposure and whatever lens you already own.

Do I need to have my camera of a specific brand?

Despite the Camera Manufacturers’ marketing campaigns, there is not much difference in operating one camera over another. Therefore the brand of your digital camera and your lens(es) do not matter.


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