Edinburgh Photography Courses

Photography Courses

As a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, I am blessed to live in Scotland, a country where the scenery is one of the most dramatic on Earth. Not only does this provide me with an abundance of photographic opportunities but has enabled me to offer a unique photography teaching experience to students from around the world since 2013.

My photography courses are tailored to my students’ needs and favourite photography domains (landscape, portrait, digital development…). The courses are mainly 1-2-1 classes although I do accept small groups up to 5 with the requirement that the students know each other (perfect for photography club members, family members, and friends). Furthermore, these photography workshops are the perfect solution to improve your photography skills and acquire new ones while discovering the astonishing Scottish lands, cities, and customs. The length of a course varies from 1 up to 7 days with each day being a 6-hour class minimum.

There are no prerequisites to my courses other than owning a digital camera and having a passion for photography, the outdoors or traveling.

The agenda and itinerary are built together with you before the course starts (usually months or weeks before) and revised the day before the course start. You choose, the length of the course, the theme(s) you wish to cover as well as the places to visit for which I am pleased to offer my guidance.

You choose the number of days, the topics to be covered and I tailor a course just for you

Here are a few suggestions:

The Technique

  • The basics of Photography (Understanding and mastering the theory, Achieving a Correct Exposure constantly,  Becoming one with your camera…)
  • Shooting in Manual mode
  • Learn how to use filters to enhance your photography and reduce the post production time
  • Making Photography during the Golden Hours
  • Night Photography
  • The digital development techniques
  • Portrait Photography
  • Flash Photography (Studio and outdoors)
  • Capturing the Time (Freeze it or follow the movement)
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Sport Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Urban and Street Photography

The Visit

  • Isle of Skye (over 3 days)
  • Edinburgh
  • The Scottish Borders
  • The Scottish Highlands (Glencoe, Cairngorm, Fort Williams, Loch Ness, Bruar’s Falls, Braemar…)
  • The Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park
  • The Eastern Scottish coast
  • The Western Scottish coast
  • The far North of Scotland (over 3 days)
  • Whisky Distilleries: Glenfiddich, Famous Grouse, Talisker (Isle of Skye)
  • Northumberland & North Yorkshire (England)

Some testimonies:

In early May, I had the opportunity to go to Scotland and do a weekend photography course with Tom. Superb welcome and energy to take your breath away. Surprising encounter at the beginning because, we know him via his videos, and he imagines us from some emails & phone exchanges: hence a few surprises at the start of the day (5am). For my part I draw several things:
• Scotland is still beautiful. I just love it !
• Tom gives himself up with energy to pull us up. And he makes us share his passion for the day. Have an eye on the light and the landscape. Do the picture and do not try to do it again behind his PC. Take care of the tripod position, the framing to the smallest detail. Change place: ‘Let’s go to the other side of the hill, the light will be even more beautiful’. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.
• Accept criticism and advice, observe its method and technique.
• But also, many interesting exchanges about his approach, the why and the life of his online photography club, comments and reactions of each other, the interest of spending time to make photos rather than fighting with Lightroom.
Really a great WE, extremely dense and rich. And Tom, he’s a real trapper of images! — Yann B.

Hello Tom and future trainees, my two days with Tom were very beneficial to my progress in the landscape photography. Tom was very flexible in the choice of route and the organisation of the course. I got clear answers to my technical questions. His passion is infectious, never short of photographic technique. His knowledge of the field and lands is very useful to easily and quickly reach the shooting spots. In short, two days of pure happiness but tiring because of the August heat and weight of the equipment I had brought to the Highlands. It is best if you want to undertake the Scottish landscape to prepare yourself physically. — José F.

A nice winter circuit organised by Tom for 5 days. I took advantage of the different colours of this absolutely splendid country and Tom knows the regions well. My reflex is now my friend. Tom allowed me to acquire a global vision of photography as well as the technical aspects of my DSLR. Thank you Tom for your passion and your generosity. — Charlotte P.

Thanks Tom for your generosity. This weekend has really opened my eyes on my camera’s potential. — Marie B.

Dear Tom, I arrived in your country with my camera set on the automatic mode et now I am liberated and can master my shots. These 72 hours have been an unforgettable experience. Thank you. — Steph G.

Little goodbye from the Edinburgh airport. Scotland est a beautiful country and thanks to your, Pierre and I are going home with our head full of memories and our memory cards full of souvenirs. Your passion is a great inspiration. We will recommend your expeditions to our friends. Thanks again. — Alain T.

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