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Your Personality in Photographs

Welcome to the world of portrait photography, where every image tells a unique and captivating story. I am thrilled to have you here, and I can’t wait to show you the magic that can be created through the lens of my camera and tell your story. So whether you’re looking for professional headshots, family portraits, or creative and artistic shots that showcase your personality, I’ve got you covered. As an award-winning Qualified Master Photographer, I strive on capturing the essence of my subjects, and creating portraits that truly stand out.

An Approach Focused on You

The secret to remarkable portrait photography lies not only in technical skills like lighting, camera techniques, and posing but primarily in the photographer’s ability to connect with individuals and understand their expectations and boundaries. Being in front of the camera can often feel overwhelming, which is why my approach as a Photography Artisan specialising in portraiture focuses on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. During our photography sessions, the emphasis is on capturing natural and genuine moments rather than stiff and forced posed shots.

I believe in fostering an atmosphere where you can be yourself or whoever you desire, allowing your true personality to shine through. With my experience and guidance, we collaborate on clothing choices, location selection, and posing suggestions to create visually striking portraits that reflect your unique story. My ultimate goal is to ensure that you feel at ease throughout the process, enabling us to have a fun and enjoyable time while creating compelling photographs. Let’s embark on this creative journey together, capturing moments you will cherish forever.

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Throughout my years of experience, I have had the privilege of capturing photographs in diverse and captivating locations. However, I have discovered that the key to genuinely compelling results lies in selecting a location that resonates with my clients’ vision and desires. That’s why, when it comes to family photos, I prefer shooting in the comfort of my clients’ homes, in picturesque parks, at the beach, or in any other location that holds special meaning to them. This approach is particularly crucial when working with children, as they tend to feel more at ease and behave naturally in familiar surroundings rather than in a formal studio environment.

Regarding headshot sessions, I offer the flexibility of shooting on location, such as the vibrant streets, professional offices, scenic parks, or in the client’s home with my Portable Studio.

For any other portrait shoot, whether it’s fashion, boudoir, or something unique, the choice of location is wide open. I work closely with my clients to identify a setting that fulfils their specific requirements and enhances the desired aesthetic and mood.

By tailoring the location to my clients’ preferences, I create a personalised and meaningful experience beyond a mere photoshoot. Together, we can capture extraordinary portraits that reflect your individuality, story, and style.


As an Edinburgh-based photographer, I only charge travel expenses for shoots outside the EH postcode area. This ensures transparent and fair pricing, allowing you to focus on enjoying the photography experience. If your shoot is within the EH postcode area, there are no additional travel charges. Feel free to reach out with any questions or details you may have. I’m committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable photography session, regardless of the location.


As a Portrait Photographer, I truly appreciate the powerful influence that skillfully applied makeup can have on the outcome of your portraits. If this is something you do not feel comfortable doing yourself, I’d be delighted to offer recommendations for talented local professional makeup artists with whom I have established a trusted working relationship. These artists possess the expertise and creativity to enhance your natural beauty and ensure you look and feel your absolute best for your portrait session. Let’s embark on a journey to create extraordinary portraits that reflect your authentic essence and leave a lasting impression.

Headshot vs Portrait

A headshot is typically a close-up photograph that focuses primarily on capturing a person’s face, specifically their head and shoulders. It is commonly used for professional purposes, such as social media, resumes, business profiles, and actor and model portfolios. A headshot aims to showcase the individual’s personality, professionalism, and approachability cleanly and straightforwardly.

On the other hand, a portrait goes beyond a simple close-up and aims to capture the essence of a person more comprehensively. Portraits can encompass a range of compositions, from full-body to mid-shot or even close-up. They often involve careful consideration of lighting, posing, and background to create a more artistic and expressive representation of the subject. Portraits are meant to reveal the person’s character, emotions, and story, offering a deeper insight into their identity and individuality.

While headshots serve a specific professional purpose, portraits are more versatile and can convey a broader narrative or capture a particular mood. Both headshots and portraits play an essential role in capturing the uniqueness and individuality of a person. Still, their focus, composition, and intent differ to cater to distinct needs and objectives.

As an Artist Photographer, I specialise in two categories: Headshot/Portrait and Family Portraiture. Whether you’re aiming for a professional image showcasing your career, a more expressive and artistic representation of yourself, or even capturing cherished bonds with your loved ones, I can customise the session to fulfil your unique needs. With my extensive experience in creating beautiful and memorable family portraits that radiate love, connection, and joy, I am committed to delivering exceptional results that capture your true essence and the precious relationships you hold dear. So let’s create timeless and captivating photographs that reflect who you are and the meaningful connections you cherish.

A Portable Professional Studio

As mentioned above, I love bringing your portrait vision to life in any location you desire. With my portable professional studio, we can quickly turn your office or any room in your house into a dynamic and fully functional Professional Portrait Studio. This means we have the freedom to create compelling headshots and portraits without compromising on quality or creativity. So, rest assured; we can capture the most stunning and unique images that truly reflect your personality and style. Let’s embark on this exciting portrait adventure together!




  • 1-hour Pre-shoot Consultation
  • 2-hour photoshoot
  • A digital copy of your chosen 10 photographs fully edited in High-resolution
  • A private password-protected online gallery where you can view all the proofs fully edited and order prints & albums

Family Portrait


  • 2-hour photoshoot
  • £150 voucher towards your Print/Wall Art order
  • A digital copy of your chosen 5 photographs fully edited in High-resolution
  • A private password-protected online gallery where you, your friends and the rest of your family can view all the proofs fully edited and order prints & albums

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