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I highly recommend Tom as a wedding photographer. Tom is a Professional with the capital letter. His attitude before and during my wedding was full of soul and attention. Tom’s makeup artist, Karen, is a very warm woman. She took care of my emotional harmony and made me feel relaxed, stress-free during all of the wedding day as I knew she was keeping an eye on me and my appearance. Tom’s way of conducting business is right, with a contract, made in a perfect way. For me, it was important because this showed me the photographer has a great business sense which meant he was serious in his artistic work. Tom is value for money. He will provide you not only with photographs from your wedding but with some absolutely stunning artworks from which you will be able to feel the soul of this special event. There is nothing ordinary about Tom and his work. This photographer is only for people who respect themselves and don’t want to pay hundreds of pounds for boring and ordinary stuff, where they cannot see any emotions or soul. Tom works calmly but fast, you will never see how he works, he will not spoil your mood with asking you to pose. He works as a real professional, who first of all understands that this is your day, and his job is to make it stay alive forever.—Tatiana A.

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