A Scottish bride & groom in a wedding car captured by the creative Edinburgh Wedding Photographer Tom Migot

I am a professionally qualified master photographer based in East Lothian, only minutes away from Edinburgh. As a professional wedding photographer, I shoot throughout Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe for destination weddings. As you may have already noticed, wedding planning can be a real challenge. Finding the perfect wedding photographer for your special day can be a daunting task, therefore to simplify things I have split the most important criteria into three sections: My Style of Photography, How I will craft your wedding photography, My Wedding collections.


The era of entirely posed wedding photographs is no more, and that is a great thing! The fashion is now more naturalistic, pseudo-journalistic. Personally, I think it is the bride & groom and their guests that make the wedding so special. The untold stories behind their relationships that make this event so unique and compelling. Therefore it is pointless to pose for every shot, and after all, the only interesting expressions are the genuine ones.

Storytelling Photography

However, I am not a journalist; I am an Artist Photographer specialised in storytelling wedding photography and snapping at everything that moves is not the best approach in my opinion. A snappy shot may be truthful but not necessarily meaningful in the wedding narrative. Instead, I set or use the stage in which my characters (bride, groom, and guests) evolve. Staging or using the stage consists in anticipating the next candid action, using the light to inject dimension, texture, mood, energy and emotion into the scene. I tend to mostly use the ambient light and shadows to keep the scene authentic.

seize the occasion to capture some dramatic timeless photography that you and your loved ones will cherish for decades to come.


As for posed wedding photographs, also known as formals, I think we ought to have a few and here is why:
A wedding is often a once in a lifetime opportunity to be stunningly dressed with hair & beautiful makeup, in a charismatic location with a professional photographer at one’s disposal. It would be a pity not to seize the occasion to capture some timeless dramatic photography that you and your loved ones will cherish for decades to come.

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